CNC Machining

Reverse Enginnering & Prototyping

Fixturing & Workholding

Assembley & Cleaning

Old or outdated parts are often without drawings and are no longer available for purchase.  Bring us your item and we will reverse engineer it to the exact dimensions, enabling us to create drawings and remanufacture the new part. 

With a variety of machines, and by maintaining a low overhead, we are capable of producing prototype and small quantity parts with competitive pricing and quick turn around times.  Lead time for prototype parts is typically under two weeks, enabling you to proceed with your project, avoiding project delay.

Quality is the most important service PicoPascal offers. In-process inspection reports are completed during machining processes to assure parts comply with drawings and catch any errors before further production is completed.

Workholding and fixturing is an important aspect of producing precise parts to tight tolerances in both large and small quantity runs while maintaining quality. Today's complex parts, often make it difficult to hold parts of odd shapes and features. 

PicoPascal can design workholding solutions capable of securely grasping these types of parts. Designing and using innovative fixturing cuts costs and keeps machines running with less down time by holding multiple parts at one time as well as keeping parts precise and on size.

Offering assembly services in house assures that your item conforms with all specs and allows us to catch any engineering or tolerance errors to resolve the issue in early production before the complete order is manufactured.

 Our cleaning facility uses industrial-grade equipment to remove contaminants and prepare parts for assembly in a controlled environment. We employ both ultrasonic and hand scrubbing techniques as specified by the job requirements. Compared to other machine shops that use an old bucket of cleaning solution and an air hose. Some of our customers even choose to have us assemble their parts after cleaning.

With high quality late model CNC machine tools, PicoPascal is capable of manufacturing single part quantity to large production quantity runs.

Our advanced CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software, paired with modern day 3 and 5 axis CNC machining centers, allows us to machine complex parts with tight tolerances in a wide range of materials.  The milling department offers small to medium sized parts ranging from low to medium quantity production runs.

Our high speed, high precision CNC lathe allows us to achieve highly efficient per part run times and competitive costs.  Medium to high quantity production runs are achievable.

Other Services

MIG/TIG Welding        Anodizing and Hard Coating      Bead Blasting      Tool Balancing    Pem Pressing